Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lorenzo Fertitta Talks Business on 'Fighting Words with Mike Straka'

I stumbled upon this video courtesy of HDNet and was struck by the candor of Lorenzo Fertitta and by his obvious passion for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. He touches on some very important and interesting business topics as they relate to his job as Co-owner and CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Enjoy!

 Fighting Words with Mike Straka - Lorenzo Fertitta Interview


 Lorenzo  Fertitta: Me and my brother are 50 – 50 partners on everything we do…and when we started drafting the partnership agreement…the lawyers came to me and said: ‘What if you and Frank can’t agree?” I’m like, we always agree…we’ll figure it out, we’re brothers. They go, no legally we kind of have to have some dispute resolution in there…so we kind of came up with this concept, thought it would be funny but it’s true.  3 Five minute round – sport jujitsu - Dana’s the Referee, but we use the point system.

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